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What may seem like a few purchases made in a time of need can quickly add up to an insurmountable credit card debt problem. Credit card debt and medical debt are by far the most common reasons people get in financial trouble, and it can be almost impossible to climb out of a deep financial hole.
At Thrush & Rohr in Akron – Canton, Ohio, we work closely with people in the Akron - Canton area; we explain their options and help them get the fresh start they need. To discuss your debt relief options with a dedicated, compassionate bankruptcy lawyer, contact us.
Credit Cards — Attorney in Canton, OH

Relieving the Burden of Credit Card and Medical Debts

For many, filing for bankruptcy is the best way to eliminate credit card debt and begin rebuilding credit. In most cases, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is ideal. However, clients who are unable to pass the bankruptcy means test or families facing foreclosure can find debt relief by filing Chapter 13.

No One Wants to Be Called a Deadbeat

One of the most unbearable parts of struggling with debt is the constant harassment from creditors along with threats of repossession, wage garnishment and even foreclosure. When you file for bankruptcy, all of this will stop immediately. This automatic stay can also protect you from lawsuits and legal judgments during your bankruptcy.

Get the Credit Card Debt Help You Need

Bankruptcy can help you get your debt under control without paying exorbitant fees or making minimum wages for years. To discuss your options with a Bucyrus/Galion credit card debt attorney, contact us for a free consultation

Chapter 13 Eliminates The Interest And Fees That Keep Accumulating

Once you are in a chapter 13, no more interest at ridiculous rates can be charged as well as not over the limit charges and late fee charges. Whatever the balance of the credit card is the date of filing that is the most that the credit card company will get. In most cases, the overall percentage that is paid back to creditors is not 100%.

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